Body Language

Body Language
Group Show

April 28-Jun 21. 2023

Kornfeld Galerie Berlin
Gallery weekend Berlin 2023

Tamara Kvesitadze
Valentina Murabito
Pablo Benzo
Jay Gard
Youjin Yi

Five artists, five nations, three artistic mediums, and one goal: The Body Language exhibition reveals the different ways we relate to our bodies. It is about strength, alienation, suffering and identity. Physicality becomes (again) perceptible as a human quality in a time in which digital experience and artificial intelligence are becoming more prevalent. Ultimately, Body Language refers to the perception of one’s materiality both as a physically tangible aspect and as the sensations associated with our corporeality.



zu Gast im Atelier Uta Gadner

Einmal im Jahr öffnet dai dai Multiple ein Atelier dem interessierten Publikum und zeigt kleinformatige Multiples.

Andreas Stetka, Angelika Hoegerl, Benjamin Bergmann, Carola Vogt & Peter Boerboom, Herwig Huber, Lena Bröcker, Maria Ploskow, Nándor Angstenberger, Oliver Westerbarkey, Patricia Lincke, Stephan Huber, Stefan Wischnewski, Susanne Wagner, Tim Bennett, Uta Gadner, Youjin Yi

Eröffnung: Freitag, 28.10.2022, 18 – 22 Uhr
Samstag, 29.10.2022, 13 – 20 Uhr

Atelier Uta Gadner
Ehrengutstr. 21 Rgb
80469 München